December 3, 2009 Pathfinder Article
“Mark Twain In Montana” Coming to Seeley Lake, Dec. 6

If He Looks Like A Mark Twain And Walks Like A Mark Twain Is He Really Mark Twain?


The Seeley Lake Historical Society continues to make history and bring history to Seeley Lake. The Maclean display in the museum still attracts admirers of Norman and John Maclean, and surprises visitors of their Seeley Lake connection. The more recent display featuring Eddie Coyle photography reminds our longer term residents how Eddie influenced the local culture for over two decades (50s and 60s) as a local business man and community promoter.

The next endeavor of the society is to show a glimpse of Mark Twain with an in-character presentation by historian and independent scholar, Michael Delaney on December 6. He will give a view of Twain's meeting with Virginia City desperado Bad Jack Slade in the early 1860s. Twain met and had breakfast with Slade; fortunately Slade was sober at the time, and Twain survived the interview

Delaney will also detail, among other events, Twain's final world lecture tour through Montana in the 1890s, including a stop in Missoula where he was "arrested." Delaney presents a most amusing view of these historical events from Mark Twain's unique perspective. The program is provided with support of Humanities Montana.

The “Mark Twain in Montana” presentation will be included in the Historical Society's combination Christmas Party and short annual meeting next Sunday, December 6th, at 2pm in the Seeley Lake Historical Museum and Visitor Center. Everyone is encouraged to bring a friend or neighbor for the free program with snacks, refreshments and door prizes.

For more information call 406-677-2990 or email

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