January 21, 2010 Pathfinder.
Painting The Town

Snow Masterpieces Get Color

By Caroline Jenkins
for the Pathfinder

As you’re out and about this Winterfest, looking at all the snow sculptures, you may notice some are a little more colorful than usual.
Thanks to Lora Treat and Sepprys Super Snow Spray, snowsculptors now have a great way to add a splash of color to their work.
Treat has developed a kid-friendly, non-toxic, water-soluble collection of snow sprays just in time for this week’s snow fun. Treat has 10 colors pre-packaged in special no-leak bottles.
“I love the smile on my kids’ faces when they step back and look at something they’ve created,” says Treat of why she developed the snow paint. The colors are really vibrant and the bottles are easy to use.
Treat and her two children have lived in Seeley for a year. They’re all excited about this new venture and are eager to show kids of all ages how artistic fun in the snow can be.
If you are interested in buying some Snow Spray, contact Lora Treat at 677-1111. Snow Spray will also be available at All Decked Out and this weekend at D&B Auto Parts/Parts Plus, both in Seeley Lake.

Treat also has two full sets of Snow Spray left that she’s willing to donate to a group for use in exchange for using photos of the artwork in her marketing materials.
Treat is extremely thankful for the support she has received from the community. “Seeley is the reason we can try this; people have been really supportive of us pursuing this business and our new life in the valley.”
So, if your planning on building a snowman or something more ambitious this Winterfest, or throughout the winter season, think about expressing your colors with Snow Spray.
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