Eye On The Environment
The following organization has submitted these contributions to the Seeley Swan Pathfinder for the Eye On The Environment column. They are informative pieces about the environment and natural resources in the Seeley-Swan and Blackfoot Valleys.
2008 submissions

January 3, 2008: "Winter Track Surveys Along Highway 83" by Adam Lieberg
February 27, 2008:
"Fuels Reduction Project: A Lot Of Little Things Done Well" by Tom Parker
March 13, 2008:
"Policy Brief: Land Sonversion - The Fate of Our Rural Places" by Mo Hartmann
April 17, 2008:
"Fish Hawks And Food For Thought" by Adam Lieberg
May 22, 2008:
"Names Upon The Landscape" by Steve Lamar
June 26, 2008:
"A Summer Of Local" by Cori Stanek
July 31, 2008:
"A Season Of Awareness" by Cori Stanek
September 4, 2008:
"This I Believe" by Cori Stanek
October 9, 2008:
"Whitebark Pine: Burns, Birds & Bears" by Zach Wallace
November 13, 2008:
"Logjams Create Key Habitats For Fish" by Andrea Stephans
December 18, 2008:
"Impacts to the Deer Population" by Tom Parker

Eye on the Environment columns are submitted by local groups and organizations and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the newspaper & editors. The newspaper is not responsible for content of the Eye On The Environment.
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