Eye On The Environment
The following organization has submitted these contributions to the Seeley Swan Pathfinder for the Eye On The Environment column. They are informative pieces about the environment and natural resources in the Seeley-Swan and Blackfoot Valleys.
2009 submissions

December 12, 2009: "Autumn Colors Fall Short" by Adam Lieberg

October 15, 2009: "Students Get Opportunity to 'Dig Into' The Valley" by Cori Stanek

September 24, 2009: "In My Place" by Cori Stanek

August 20, 2009: "Collar and Foll'er: Trapping Wolves in the Swan" by Adam Lieberg

August 6, 2009: "Map Making in the Modern World: From Ptolemy to GIS" by Tim Shier

June 11, 2009: "Mountain Hemlock" by Steve Lamar

May 7, 2009: "Ecology Lessions From Grizzlies" by Tom Parker

March 19, 2009: "No Child Left Inside" by Melanie Parker

February 26, 2009: "Charismatic Minifauna" by Adam Lieberg

January 22, 2009: "Plans for TNC's Land Holdings in the Valley" by Chris Bryant (TNC)

Eye on the Environment columns are submitted by local groups and organizations and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the newspaper & editors. The newspaper is not responsible for content of the Eye On The Environment.
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