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The Steaks - "Secrets" at Lindey's Steak House

"The Place for Steak"
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There are a lot of secrets at Lindey's. Neither the cooks nor Michael Lindemer, the owner will divulge what's in the potatoes, what's on the steak, or what makes the garlic bread so irrestable. But who cares? It's no secret that Lindey's has been serving up the best meat in town since 1980: Part of the trick is buying only select cuts of prime sirloin which Mike handcuts fresh daily. The atmosphere is casual, almost lodge-like, with a fireplace and real wood paneling overlooking Seeley Lake. They don't even have menus, just a sign perched by your tabl listing three entree selections - all steak, all 16 oz. portions. And the side dishes, which include potatoes you'll crave for months, garlic bread, and pickled watermelon rind, are served family style. The cost is moderately priced and they don't take reservations.

This will be the best steak you'll ever eat!!!

Lindey's Home - Views - Rustic Atmosphere - the Steaks

Lindey's Prime Steak House

Montana State Highway 83
Seeley Lake, Montana
406 677-9229