Private Ranch Hunting in Montana
(archery and rifle)
for Mule Deer, Mountain Lion
35,000 Acres for Mule Deer Hunts
These ranch hunts are conducted on 35,000 acres of the best hunting country in Southeastern Montana.

Hunting is done with 4x4 vehicles and walking. The area has some scattered timber and deep canyons, making excellent Mule Deer habitat.

It is not uncommon to see 100 head of Deer a day with 20 shootable bucks.

A days hunting consists of a hearty breakfast before daylight. We then travel by 4x4 vehicle to the area we plan to hunt. We try to cover as much country with the vehicles as possible, using binoculars to locate game.

After lunch we usually do some walking to kick up game that has bedded down during the heat of the day. Towards evening we are back in the pickup and glassing for game as it starts to move before dark.

These hunts fit the serious trophy hunter as well as the first time client. We have had customers in their 70's kill trophy bucks.

You will stay in a comfortable ranch house complete with beds, showers and lots of good cooking. You will receive ranch meals served family style.
Mountain Lion Hunting
Montana provides for some of the best Lion hunting in the Western States. We have been in the Mountain Lion hunting business for over 10 years. We have very capable hounds with several record book cats to their credit.

Our hunts are run from our home in Western Montana or from a motel, depending on the particular area we are hunting.

We drive mountain roads with a 4x4 pickup or snowmobile until we cross a fresh track. We determine the cat's sex and size from the track and if it is something we are interested in we will put the hounds on the track and size up the cat once we get to the tree. If he isn't big enough, we take some great photos and keep hunting. We have a very high success rate on taking mature Tom's.
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