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MCT Cast takes a bow
after 'America' musical

The cast of "America" takes a bow following the curtain on the Missoula Childrens' Theater musical last Saturday, featuring Seeley-Swan High School and Cliff Nelson Junior High students. The students were coached by MCT directors Jim Caron, Mary Rooney, Michael McGill, and Joe Martinez for two weeks prior to the performance. The pianist was Jill Larson, Seeley Lake, and her husband, Tom Larson, coordinated the planning with MCT. Members of the high school cast, not in order with the photo, were: Amber Wold, Adam Blekkenk, Tim Adams, Autumn Biggins, Danae Casebolt, Kent Childs, Bobbie Sue Farrar, Ely Sheets, Danielle Drew, Kristen Owens, Emily Watson, Mary Yiengst, and Kim Adams. The Junior High cast consisted of Katy May Biggins, Abe Madinger, Becki Farrar, Mhaire Collins, Jesse Diamond, Hayley Blackburn, Shelly Watson, Sadie Linford, Ashlea Wolf-Sherman, Angel Hammond, Michelle Noland, Lindsey Koppen, Amanda Springer, and Sarah Gehrke.

Seeley Swan Pathfinder
April 15, 1999

G. Noland photo

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