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A review of changes
at Seeley Lake Community Hall

August 5, 1999
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

Dear Editor,

The Seeley Lake Community Hall has undergone several changes in the past year and the Hall Board is writing this letter to make a report to the owners, the citizens of Seeley Lake.

The financial status of the Sullivan Memorial Park, which includes the Community Hall, is essentially the same as last year at this time. As in the past, income from rentals (about $3000) just about pays for the operating expenses which are largely electricity, water, insurance, and maintenance. Money raised at the fund raising auction held last summer ($845) was used for improvements, which included adding insulation to the attic to bring it up to R-50 and installing a fence across the rear of the property to control access. Lighting improvements and the creation of a picnic area are in progress. In the future, we would like to make further improvements in insulating and heating of the Hall. A second auction is scheduled for Sunday, August 8, to help fund them.

In an attempt to minimize the costs for the operation of the Hall and improvements, volunteer labor and contributions have been used as much as possible. Many people donated insulation, which reduced the amount we needed to buy. Ray Cebulski helped us obtain a $500 cost-sharing contribution by MEC to the $1643 insulation project. Dave Guelff contributed the rails and Allen Chaffin contributed posts and the use of his post driver for the fence project. Many volunteers contributed labor and their equipment - Dan Cainan and Gary Berkey plowed snow and Ron Pederson mowed the grass. Riley Hensley donated his auctioneer's fee from the fund raiser to the Hall and many people donated items to the Hall for the auction. Volunteer crews undertook the annual spring spruce-up and the auction/fund raiser.

The Community Hall Board officially has representation from five organizations in the Community. The organizations and their current representatives are: the Community Council (Cheri Thompson), the Driftriders (Derek Ellinghouse), the Fire District (Bob Stine), the Lions Club (Dick Lewis), and the Pinochle Club (Ron Pederson). The Sullivan Family has a representative on the Board as well, and Paul Conn currently serves in that capacity. To get better input on Community needs, the Board has invited any other interested organizations and individuals to participate in the decision-making process. The Quilters and Alpine Artisans have become regular participants and are leading the effort to improve lighting in the Hall. The initial effort is to install full-spectrum bulbs, which will eliminate the color distortion caused by conventional fluorescent lights, and the Quilters are raising money for the project.

The Board has reviewed the Hall management policies and continues to monitor them. The rental rates are $25 for up to five hours, $40 for five to eight hours, and $60 for 24 hours. Organized youth groups such as Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, and 4-H may use the Hall for social events with adult supervision free of charge. There is no charge for memorial services. Renters are responsible for routine cleaning and are expected to leave the Hall ready for the next use or to report any needed service or repairs.

We welcome any suggestions on how the Community Hall might better serve the needs of the community. Please contact any of the Board members or come to the meetings, which are generally at 1:00 on the third Monday of the month at the NAPA store meeting room.


The Sullivan Memorial Park Board
Seeley Lake, Montana

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