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Food Bank Raises over $2,500

August 26, 1999
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

Dear Generous Food Bank Contributors,

In order to keep administrative costs down, we are providing this Food Bank update via the Pathfinder. The Board of the Food Bank and this community owe you contributors a huge "Thank You" for your generous and immediate support in our Food Bank's time of crisis!

For the record, we told you of our need for $1500 by August 17, with an additional $2500 needed by Thanksgiving. Your generous gifts totaled $2385!!! Your response is awesome and a fine example of the true community spirit we have here. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Board members have been asked how monetary donations are used. We'd like you to know that each of your dollars buys food for our community! NO money is given to any Food Bank client, and all items are clearly marked to deter any reselling or foul play.

An assessment of the past six months of our Food Bank operations indicate that long term needs will increase, and that we will need a larger site to provide services from and store the donated food items. More funds will be needed as we are self supporting and have not received any grants or government assistance. Your Community Food Bank is solely funded by your generosity and is very much appreciated! Will you please consider regular monthly or annual giving as a tax deductible contribution to your community?

Your Seeley Swan Community Food Bank Board of Directors and Volunteers donate their time entirely, often including travel, gas, and many extras with no pay. If you have any questions, feel led to volunteer or would like to visit the Food Bank to better understand our needs and operations, you may leave a message at 677-5025.


The Board of the Seeley Swan Community Food Bank

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