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Community Care tops agenda
at December school board meeting

December 30, 1999
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

By Karen Lyncoln
for the Pathfinder


"Community involvement makes a difference," said Scott Anthony, as he updated the Seeley Lake Elementary School Board on the efforts of the Seeley Swan Community Care group over the past year.

The Seeley Swan Community Care is dedicated to fostering healthy communities through prevention, intervention, and education of youth and families on issues of alcohol abuse, tobacco use, and the use of other drugs. Anthony noted that there have been positive changes over the last year as the group has provided more community-based resources.

The Board of Education reviewed its mission statement and goals, first written in 1998. Vicki Jardine and Pam Pittman joined the board in 1999, so it was their first look at the plan.

The Board's mission is to provide the best possible learning environment to produce an excellent education for students.

Goals that were discussed at the December 14 regular meeting of the Board include: develop and maintain positive community relations; provide sound financial management; and promote and maintain a safe, positive school environment.

Goals that will be reviewed at next month's meeting include: be responsible as a board to students/staff/community; establish and maintain board goals and objectives; establish and maintain policies and procedures; provide a challenging curriculum that stimulates learning and meets individual student's needs; and create a safe and fun recreation area.

Becky Gehrke updated the board on Safe Schools measures in effect. In addition to the badge program and locking exterior doors, the Safe Schools Committee has completed a security assessment of the school building and its equipment.

After the first of the year, lockers will be registered and the school will have a safety drill. Loren Rose, Board Member, thanked the members of the committee and noted that they had made a real difference in promoting school safety.

In other business before the Board, John Hebnes, Superintendent, reported that Seeley Lake Elementary School has successfully completed the Y2k preparedness checklist distributed by the President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion Council. The checklist included specific system repairs that needed to be made to protect the health and safety of students as well as continuing smooth operations at the school.

Board members voted to adopt the fireworks policy that prohibits discharging fireworks within the school boundary.

Tom Larson, Principal, announced that there were three student recognition programs. The Principal's award is given to student from each classroom and the playground whoshow the most improvement each month. The Student of the Week award is given to a student who has done something outstanding during the week, and the Student Achievement Awards are given each quarter for academic excellence.

Members attending the December meeting included Bart Peterson, Chair; Loren Rose, Vice Chair; Vicki Jardine; Pam Pitman; and Mark Williams. The next school board meeting is scheduled for January 11th at 6:00 p.m. at the elementary school.

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