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Open House at High School
is opportunity to see why
improvements needed

December 16, 1999
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

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Subject: Christmas Concert-Open House


Dear editor,

This coming Monday, December 20th, our high school will be having their annual Christmas concert and open house. While the concert will showcase the talented musicians of our school, the open house is an opportunity for everyone in the community to meet the teachers and staff that work there.

This February the taxpayers in District One will be asked to vote on a bond issue that will expand the Seeley-Swan High School campus. The bond issue addresses the need for a new library and computer lab. The current library doesn't meet standards set by the state, while the computer lab would be given its own classroom.

With this much needed addition, classroom space will be made available in the old library.

All one has to do is come to the high school and ask to see Mr. Gideons English classroom. He has the job of teaching in a gymnasium storage room with no windows! A dungeon of a place. It is time to build adequate classrooms to accomodate the teachers and students of our communities.

I urge all community members of the Seeley and Swan valleys to come to the open house and see for themselves.

Rett Parker, district high school trustee, will be available to answer questions you may have. Ask any teacher or staff member of the school and they would be happy to show you the building, explain their programs, and help you understand their needs for teaching the next generation of children to attend Seeley-Swan High. If you have children or grandchildren in the elementary schools of the district, these changes will benefit you most.

Please come to the open house, see for yourself, and then enjoy an evening of wonderful music right here in our school. The open house begins at 6 P.M. and the concert begins at 7 P.M.


Gordon Watson
Seeley Lake, Montana


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