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All this in One Winterfest Weekend!

Winterfest 1999 ended on a strong note last weekend with three major events taking place at the same time on Saturday.
Some 85 snowmobilers raced their machines in a Rocky Mountain Snocross circuit event Saturday and Sunday.
And, on Saturday nearly 100 cross-country skiers entered the annual O.S.C.R. Nordic Ski Race.
And local mushers Bill Gallea and Cindy Ogden took first and second respectively in the 100-mile Seeley-Monture overnight sled dog race.
Here, we only have room for a few photos of an action-packed weekend.

Seeley Swan Pathfinder -- February 4, 1999 -- G. Noland photos

Leading the dogs to the starting line for the 100-mile Seeley-Monture sled dog race last Saturday and Sunday.


A pile-up of snowcats in the first turn after the start.


Lynn Carey joking with starters at the O.S.C.R. Nordic Races Saturday. Photo by Joy Stocking.

  Pat Caffrey, the man (clown) with the shotgun who starts the O.S.C.R. races. Everyone loves him.




Ed Bezanson with the starter's flag at the races.



Bill Gallea, local musher who has run the 1,100-mile Iditerod, finished first in this year's Seeley-Monture race.

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