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DNRC wll hold open house
at former boot camp
to solicite public reaction
to proposed juvenile use

Seeley Swan Pathfinder
January 7, 1999

The Department of Natural Resources and Conservation has completed the marketing of the Swan Valley Retreat. Sealed bids were accepted by the DNRC through November 20, 1998. The property became available for lease in November of 1997 when the Montana Department of Corrections discontinued use of the facility. The Swan Valley Retreat is located 11 miles south of Swan Lake along Highway 83.

Bids were evaluated on the basis of economic viability, qualifications of the applicant, financial ability to implement the lease proposal, physical plant improvements/maintenance and compensation to the state. Bids were received from Rebound LLC of Denver, Colorado, and from Bud and Lynn Wilson of Condon, Montana. Rebound LLC bid $75,000 per year for a base of 50 residents and an additional $5 per resident per day for each resident over the base population. The Wilsons' bid called for lease payments of $50,000 per year starting in year six.

Rebound LLC proposes to operate a residential treatment center under license from the Department of Health and Human Services as a child care program. The program would be available to local communities for the treatment of low risk youth with emotional or behavioral problems. This will include consideration of youthful offenders placed in the program as a result of a youth court adjudication. A program admission committee, which would include local area representatives, would administer an admission policy regarding the suitability of all individuals accepted by the facility.

Before the DNRC further analyzes Rebound LLC's proposal, an open house meeting will be held to provide detailed information and to answer questions regarding the proposed use of the facility. Notice of the date of this meeting will be forthcoming. If the DNRC chooses to further pursue this proposal an evaluation will be made under the guidance of the Montana Environmental Policy Act.

The Wilsons' proposal would have utilized the facility for photographic workshops and organizational retreats. This proposal did not meet the minimum qualifications for further consideration. Earlier news reports misprinted Bud Wilson's name as Bob Wilson.

For further information, contact Jeanne Fairbanks, Property Management Supervisor in Missoula at (406) 542-4300.

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