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Dog sled races headed our way

Seeley Swan Pathfinder
January 14, 1999

This winter, dog sled racing and dog tours will again be a feature of the numerous Seeley Lake area winter recreational activities.

The Seeley-Monture 100 will be run on the weekend of Jan. 30 and 31. This 100-mile race is a "warm-up" for the Race to the Sky. It will start in downtown Seeley Lake on Sat. afternoon and offers excellent opportunities for spectators. The race includes an overnight camp with the dogs and the finish will be on Sun. morning. For additional information please contact Norman Lee at 677-3016.

The Race to the Sky is Montana's premier winter event. This dog sled race starts near Helena and continues across Montana's scenic winter country to end near Missoula. This 350-mile dog sled race commemorates the use of sled dogs during World War II. It will start on February 13 at 1:00PM at the Helena downtown walking mall. The race is especially important because Montanaís D.A.R.E. program and the Race to the Sky have joined forces to provide drug and alcohol awareness to Montana school system. The Race to the Sky is being promoted as the ìNatural Highî.

The race will restart in Lincoln on Sunday, February 14, and will go through downtown Lincoln and loop back to the Seven-Up club for the first checkpoint. It will then proceed to White Tail Ranch near Ovando and then to three checkpoints in the Seeley Lake area. The Seeley Lake checkpoints will be open from late Sunday evening through Wednesday evening. The Seeley Lake checkpoints include either Morrel Creek Trailhead or downtown Seeley Lake, Holland Lake Lodge, and Fawn Creek Trailhead.

Volunteers are the backbone of all of these races. They staff the checkpoints, groom the trail, cook meals at the checkpoints, and help with various fund raising activities. If you would like further information on the races, being a volunteer, or donating to Race to the Sky please contact Norman Lee.

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