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What a Day You Gave Us!

July 1, 1999
Seeley Swan Pathfinder


This is an open letter to the Blackfoot-Clearwater Chapter (Seeley Lake) of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and all the folks in the Pathfinder's readership who helped make the June 12th Celebration and Banquet such a tremendous success.

By now, many of you are probably tired of reading about the 50th Anniversary of the Blackfoot-Clearwater Game Range. But, I can't let it go without extending my sincerest thank you to the people who made it happen.

The Blackfoot-Clearwater Chapter provided the organization, planning, labor, donations, logistical arrangements, facilities and generally everything else needed to pull off the day that hundreds of people enjoyed last month. You included our Citizens' Advisory Council's dreams and ideas for a 50th Anniversary Celebration into your already overwhelming banquet effort, and you did so with warmth and enthusiasm. June 12th was your day, it was your success. FWP and the other project partners were your supporting cast.

Thank you for bringing so many people together on June 12th and for taking responsibility for the fate of your Game Range and wildlife in the Seeley Lake area. I'll never forget the day or the people who gave it to the rest of us.



Mike Thompson


P.S.Thanks especially to Gary Noland and the Pathfinder for the great websites and coverage in the newspaper that helped give as many people as possible a chance to take part in the 12th. We couldn't have done it without you!


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