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Trailblazer 4-H Horse Show
grows in its second year

4-H'ers mount their horses at the Horseshoe Hills Guest Ranch arena for the second annual show.

Chris Brown, professional trainer at Horseshoe
Hills Guest Ranch, served as the show judge.

July 22, 1999
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

by Reanne Henrekin

The second annual Seeley Lake Trailblazers Fun Show & Fair Tune-Up was held at the Horseshoe Hills Guest Ranch on July 24. We had a total of 12 competitors from Seeley Lake, Potomac and Missoula. Chris Brown, manager and trainer at the Horseshoe Hills, judged our classes and gave the kids valuable tips in her clinics after each class. Here are the results by class.

Junior Showmanship: 1st Audrey Sholty, Blue Mountain 4-H Club, Missoula. 2nd Ashley Iverson, Potomac Valley 4-H Club, Potomac. 3rd Braden Warehime, Potomac Valley 4-H, Potomac. Red ribbons: Kelly Rich, Cory Cahoon & Ralph Cahoon, all from the Seeley Lake Trailblazers 4-H Club, Seeley Lake.

Senior Showmanship: 1st Audry Sholty, Missoula. 2nd Hayley Blackburn, Seeley Lake. 3rd Jessa Linford, Seeley Lake. Blue ribbons: Sadie Linford & Katie Biggins, both from Seeley Lake.

Bareback Dollar Bill Class: 1st Lindsay Newell, Seeley Lake. 2nd Braden Warehime, Potomac. 3rd Katie Biggins, Seeley Lake.

Beginning Horsemanship Level I, II: 1st Ashley Iverson, Potoamc. 2nd Hayley Blackburn. 3rd Jessa Linford. Blue ribbons: Cory Cahoon, Ralph Cahoon. Red ribbons: Kelly Rich, Lindsay Newell, Sadie Linford, & Jessie Baker.

Intermediate Horsemanship Level III, IV: 1st Jessa Linford. 2nd Audrey Sholty, Missoula. 3rd Katie Biggins. Red ribbon: Braden Warehime, Potomac.

Advanced Horsemanship: 1st Audrey Sholty, Missoula. 2nd Katie Biggins.

Old Clothes Race: 1st Jessa Linford. 2nd Braden Warehime, Potomac. 3rd Katie Biggins.

Ribbon Race: 1st team of: Ralph Cahoon, Seeley Lake and Audrey Sholty, Missoula. 2nd team of: Hayley Blackburn, Seeley Lake and Braden Warehime, Potomac. 3rd team of: Lindsay Newell and Kelly Rich.

Splash ëNí Dash: 1st team of: Braden Warehime, Potomac and Michelle Noland, Seeley Lake. 2nd team of: Ashley Iverson, Potomac and Ralph Cahoon. 3rd team of: Lidsay Newell and Michelle Noland.

Trail/Obstacle Class: 1st Michelle Noland. 2nd Jessa Linford. 3rd Braden Warehime, Potomac.

Aside from the class awards, we gave 2 special awards. The High Point Award was a new halter and goes to the competitor who wins the most points throughout the day. The High Point recipient was Audrey Sholty of Missoula. The Sportsmanship Award was also a new halter and goes to the competitor who exemplifies good sportsmanship and competitiveness while still having fun. This award was given to Katie Biggins of Seeley Lake.

The Seeley Lake Trailblazers 4-H Club would like to thank: Kozy Korner Steakhouse for donating all of the hot dogs, German sausages and hot dog buns for our concession stand, Reserve Street Feed & Pet Supply for donating our numbers, Reserve Street Cenex for donating some of our prizes, Pat Murphy, Msla County Extention Agent, for donating the use of her sound system and helping in the food booth and Rob Henrekin for helping us set up and tear down our show. We would also like to thank Marilyn Stromberg and the Montana Longears Assn. for all of her help, donating the paperwork and letting us use their old clothes and trail class obstacles, and all of the kids and parents who donated their time to run our food booth. Most of all, many thanks to the Horseshoe Hills Guest Ranch and crew, and Chris Brown. We couldn't have done it without you!

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