From the November, 1999 Issues of the Seeley Swan Pathfinder

Forum examines
complex issues in
domestic neglect & abuse


Please adopt someone
like me!





Chiropractic office
changes hands

Barn funds needed
for museum renovation

Youngster Encounters

Mountain Lion

Community Foundation will
affiliate with state foundation

Accident claims
Kalispell man

Visitor Guide set for Reprints

"Lunch Lady Photo Contest"

Cindy Torok takes her
decorating talent to
World Trade Center
in New York.


Alcohol Abuse
Counselor in Seeley

Eagles return to Alaska


Mission Ends




Eighth Grade
Girls in Tournament


Parker on St. John;s
University football team




School Board looks
at safety and discipline issues

Game Range Ramblin's

Game Range Articles by Mike Thompson, FW&P wildlife biologist, writing for the Pathfinder


First Elk of Season & Memories

Plum Creek Land Exchange Meeting

Elk leading hunters at halftime

A Thanksgiving to Remember



Veterinarian office
project nets one month
food for Food Bank


Annual Report by
Montana Loon Society


Survey shows seniors
want more services


program for
visitors at Seeley Elementary


Alpine Artisan Tea & Quilt
membership meeting at Emily A.