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Dr. Cross and the Dogs & Cats
of Seeley Lake Help Make
Seeley-Swan Hunger Free

November 11, 1999
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

Last Tuesday Dr. Andy Cross enabled the dogs and cats of Seeley Lake to provide about a month's supply of food for the Community Food Bank. There was a tremendous response to Seeley Veterinary Service's advertisment offering pet vaccinations for sacks of food.

Dr. Cross and staff vaccinated approximately 60 dogs and cats, generating 1,049 pounds of food. The Community Food Bank wants to thank Dr. Cross and his staff for their generous giving of themselves and supplies for this food drive.

Community members also helped make this a successful day. Thanks to Elinor Williamson for her involvement in the food drive. The loan of the covered trailer by Pat and Linda Holt is appreciated for making the collection and delivery easy.

We salute the Webelo Cub Scouts for their work in helping the Food Bank staff process the food for distribution. Thank you Scout leaders for guiding the Cub Scouts during this community service.

The Board of the Food Bank applauds our staff and volunteers for their work that Tuesday.


Food Bank Board,
Seeley Lake, Montana

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