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Seeley Lake Community Foundation
formed to join state-wide foundation

A local group made up of members culled from other community organizations, met last Thursday and sent in a check for $250 and an application to become an affiliate of the Montana Community Foundation. If accepted by MCF, the Seeley Lake Community Foundation will be formed to raise a permanent endowment that can be used to fund community projects in future years. From left to right, seated, are Larry Marx, Stan Nicholson, Anita Rihards, Mark Williams. Standing are Mary Ann Morin, John Hebnes, and Sally Johnson.

November 18, 1999
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

Local foundation will affiliate with
Montana Community Foundation

Following up on a September public meeting on fund raising for community projects and several subsequent sessions, six area residents have agreed to establish a Seeley Lake Area Community Foundation as an affiliate of the Montana Community Foundation (MCF) and become its Advisory Board.

Members are: Stan Nicholson, Larry Marx, Mary Ann Morin, Anita Richards, Loren Rose and Mark Williams.

Several others who have attended one or more of the meetings have agreed to work on a special task force.

The Seeley Lake Area Foundation is applying to the MCF for a $2,500 challenge grant to begin an endowment and a $500 development grant to pay for organizing and fundraising expenses.

The Advisory Committee plans to use the attractive Montana State tax credit and regular state and federal charitable tax deductions as special inducements for local businesses and individuals to meet the 3 to 1 matching requirement for the endowment challenge.

The MCF will hold and invest the Seeley Lake endowment and the Seeley Lake Area Foundation Advisory Committee will advise the MCF on how to distribute up to 5% of the principal to local community service organizations and projects.

The Montana Community Foundation has led the effort to establish tax credits to encourage the building of endowments throughout Montana.

More than 40 local foundations have been created as affiliates with MCF over the past few years.

If the grant requests are successful, the Advisory Committee and several others who have agreed to serve on specific working groups will be busy building the organization, raising the dollars for the endowment challenge and convening informational meetings.

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