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Survey shows Swan Valley seniors
would like more services available

November 11, 1999
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

by Alan Taylor

A community meeting was held September 30, 1999 with the Missoula Aging Services sponsored by the American Legion Swan Valley Post 63, American Association of Retired People, the Citizens for Community Emergency Preparedness and Swan Ecosystem Center.

The Upper Swan Valley Steering Committee on Aging Service presented the results of the fact finding survey. This survey was distributed to the upper Swan Valley residents at the local business in order to provide information to the committee.

The survey contained four questions.

(1) I would like to see a "Meals on Wheels" delivery service for senior citizens who may be ill or injured or otherwise temporarily unable to obtain meals. This service would include home delivery of meals and/or congregate dining at a central location. 79.4 percent voted definitely yes that this service was needed.

(2) I would like to see a non-medical home care service for our senior citizens who may temporarily unable to care for themselves, which would include bathing, cleaning, and help with activities of daily living. 78.4 percent voted definitely yes.

(3) I would like to see some kind of transportation for our seniors who may need help to get to doctor appointments, shopping, etc. This service could be either "on call" or as a regular service perhaps weekly or monthly. 81.4 percent voted definitely yes.

(4) I think it's a good idea to form some kind of " Senior Center at a central location which would provide opportunity for social interaction and other activities such as meals, games, classes, etc. 72.3 percent voted definitely yes.

At the Community meeting September 30, 1999, after the survey facts were present by The Upper Swan Valley Steering Committee on Aging Services, it was suggested to asked for volunteers to form a larger action oriented group.

If you would like to help in making these services available for the Upper Swan Valley Senior citizens Please contact Janice Wheeler 754-3096 .

A Special Thank You to all of the citizens of the Swan Valley who took the time to fill out the survey. Thank You to the local business for there help to distribute the surveys.

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