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Elementary school initiates
procedure for visitors

November 4, 1999
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

Seeley Lake Elementary welcomes visitors, volunteers and parents. Just stop at the school office first to sign in. It's part of the safe schools planning effort by public schools throughout Missoula County.

According to Superintendent John Hebnes, the sign-in procedure will identify the people in the building. It will also serve to record the number of volunteer hours spent at the school.

"We have a number of parents and community members who volunteer at our school," Hebnes said. "Through the sign-in procedure, we'll know who is in the building and we will also be able to track the number of volunteer hours people give to the school." Those recorded volunteer hours help the school compete for various grants.

"The elementary school building has been remodeled and added onto since the last plans were created," Hebnes said, "so it's time to update old plans and develop some new ones."

Hebnes said the plans cover a wide range of possible crises, including what to do in an earthquake, since Seeley Lake is located in a high risk earthquake area. The school will coordinate with community groups involved with handling emergency situations like law enforcement, the fire department, quick response unit and the Seeley Swan Medical Center.

Hebnes said health teacher Becky Gehrke will head the safe schools planning effort for the elementary school.

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