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Visitor Guide slated for
reprinting 100,000 copies

November 4, 1999
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

Seeley-Swan Area Visitors
Guide Reprints for the Year 2000


The Seeley Lake Area Chamber of Commerce will sponsor the reprinting of 100,000 Visitors Guides for the year 2000. The Visitors Guide was one of the first projects that originally came out of the Seeley-Swan Economic Diversification Action Plan in 1993. In its present format, it attractively describes the history, services and goods available, and attractions for tourists, local residents, the travel industry, and state tourism committees. We receive inquiries worldwide for information about this area. At the present date, almost 200,000 Visitors Guides have been distributed nationally and internationally through local businesses, rack distribution, travel agencies, Seeley Lake and Missoula Chamber offices, and Glacier Country and Travel Montana tourism offices.

A production committee has been hired to coordinate the third printing of this guide. This project will involve the printing of 100,000 brochures to be completed in March 2000. The Visitors Guide is funded by local businesses and a grant from Glacier Country's Cooperative Marketing Fund. The deadline for getting listing information to the printer is November 30, 1999. A representative of the committee will soon be contacting businesses for new and updated listings. Whether you are interested in listing a new business in the Visitors Guide or you are a business that is already in the Guide and wish to renew your listing, please call the contacts listed below to set up a time to get your business listing information. If you do not wish to be listed but want to donate funds to support the production of the Seeley/Swan Area Visitors Guide please contact us.

Contact information: Sue Heagy, Tamaracks Resort, PO Box 812, Seeley Lake Montana 59868, 406-677-2433, e-mail -, fax-406-677-3503; or Marilyn Peterson ,Emily A Bed and Breakfast, PO Box 350, Seeley Lake Montana 59868, phone and fax - 406-677-3474.

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