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A photo sequence of an afternoon visitor



September 30, 1999
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

This guy may be a repeat visitor form last year, but if so, he has grown considerably from our recollections. He approached the house at a slow lope up an incline with our faithful Australian Sheppardwho had been warning us for the previous half hour that a bear was in the vicinityin full retreat. Max (the dog) and I then stood on our raised deck, and looked down on the bear who at first acted like he was going to climb a tree out of fear, but then approached directly under the photographer (me). I took the above series of photographs and then retreatedalong with Max who by this time had had enough of this guy. The bear seemed to be gone, but reappeared a half hour later to frighten the house mistress, Millie, when he eyed her through the daylight basement picture window. Also, sometime during the day, or later, he deposited his calling card on the deck exactly where I had stood to take these photos. Wonder what that means? G. Noland photos

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