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Helping Hands
Benefit Auction

September 23, 1999
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

Members of Aid Associaiton for Lutherans (AAL) Branch 5657 of Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Seeley Lake and Faith Lutheran Church of Condon are sponsoring a Helping Hands Benefit Auction for Henry Brechbill on Saturday, October 16th at 7:30 p.m. at the Seeley Lake Community Hall. Items to be auctioned off will be available for viewing one half hour prior to the auction. Items to be auctioned are being solicited from members and businesses of the community. If people or businesses would like to donate items for the auction (new, or used but saleable), they are asked to call Bill or Jackie Buitenhuis (677-2901) or Herb Schiefelbein (677-2143) in Seeley Lake, or Karen Anderson (754-2658) or Lucille Wilhelm (754-2371) in Condon.

The benefit will be conducted via the AAL Program "Helping Hands: Caring Acts Through Fund Raising or Service." Money raised locally will be matched dollar for dollar by the AAL Home Office in Appleton, Wisconsin, and will be used to bring needed daily care to Henry Brechbill, who became a quadriplegic over 20 years ago in an auto accident.

AAL is the nation's largest fraternal benefit society in terms of assets and life insurance in force, providing for its nearly two million members in more than 10,000 nationwide branches with fraternal benefits.

For more information, contact Herb Schiefelbein, president of AAL Branch 5657. If monetary donations are made, please make the checks out to AAL Branch 5657, and note on the memo "Brechbill Benefit."

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