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Local 4-H Kids are impressive at Fair

Michaela Dunlap, age 12, with her quilt "Trip Around The World". She took a Purple Ribbon for this quilt.

Front-Megan Rose with her lamb Brita. She received a Purple Ribbon for Showmanship and a Purple in Market.

Megan Rose took a Purple Ribbon with her quilt.

Holly Friede took a Purple Ribbon for her quilt.

Dana Friede took a Purple Ribbon for this Jumper she made as well as a Purple for her Shorts.

Ryan Nickol with his steer Clyde. He received a Purple Ribbon in Market and a Blue in Showmanship.

Jessie Baker got a Blue Ribbon in Riding and a Blue in Showmanship for Junior Horse.

Jessa Linford took a Red Ribbon for Showmanship and a Red Ribbon for Riding.

Miranda Dupree is too young to be in 4-H, but she is not too young to rat-sit for Brandon Friede. The rat, Sven, was Brandon's Pocket Pet entry.


September 23, 1999
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

By Patrici Swan Smith
Photos by 4-H parents

4-H Members Takes High Awards
at this year's Missoula County Fair

A rat named Sven, a ticklish lamb, a 4-H member who politely allowed her animal to step on the judge and some pretty darn mature parents made this year's 4-H entries family memories that will last a lifetime.

Twenty-three 4-H members from the Seeley Lake Trail Blazer club worked all year long on their projects, and 17 were able to compete at the fair. They received a lot of high awards at the fair and had a great time, according to co-organizational leader Sharon Teague.

"It was a lot of fun for the kids and for the adults," she said. "It's a club that has so much to offer the whole family. While the kids work on their projects throughout the year, the whole family is involved, and it's great."

"This year was wonderful for everyone. And we're getting ready to start a new year, so any kid interested in joining the Seeley 4-H is encouraged to come to the October meeting."

The club members enter their projects in the fair to compete for ribbons and other prizes, as well as work a shift in the 4-H Club Restaurant and attend the 4-H dance held on Saturday night before the fair ends.

New this year, according to Teague, was the banner made by Pam Rose and the members for the Seeley Lake Trail Blazer club, which was displayed with all of the other 4-H banners at the fair.

"The banner is really neat," she said. "It's a banner with a mountain scene and pine trees and the clover leaf is used as a meadow. They did a great job."
One of the favorite projects was Sven the rat, which was Brandon Friede's "Pocket Pet" project. While Sven did not get to go to the fair, Brandon took pictures of Sven and completed a little rat portfolio and poster. He received a Blue Ribbon on his project.

And then of course there was the Showmanship Awards for "mature" parents and leaders. The parents and leaders, who were so inclined, were able to borrow an animal and compete for some prizes so the kids wouldn't be the only ones with things to brag about.

"It was a hoot," Teague said. "Some of the adults dressed up in some pretty bizarre outfits. It was so much fun."

While it would be fun to go into those awards, we'll get on with the Seeley Lake Trail Blazers awards and prizes for this year's members (A Purple Ribbon is the highest award for Outstanding Achievement; Blue is for 1st place; Red is for 2nd and White is for 3rd place)

Brandon Friede:
*Blue Ribbon for his Shot Gun Notebook
*Blue Ribbon for Pocket Pet with Sven the Rat:
Sadie Linford-Horse
Blue Ribbon for Riding and a Red Ribbon for Showmanship
Katie Biggins-Market Hog
Red Ribbon for Market and Blue Ribbon for Showmanship
Jessie Baker-Horse
Blue Ribbon for Riding and a Blue Ribbon for Showmanship. Jessie also won State Championship for her division for archery.
Breanne Wieder-
*A Blue Ribbon for her Family Adventures Notebook
*A Red Ribbon for Market and a Blue Ribbon for Showmanship for her Market Lamb
Jessa Linford-Horse
Red Ribbon for Showmanship and a Red Ribbon for Riding
Dana Friede-Sewing Level 1: Sew & Have Fun
Purple Ribbon for her Jumper and a Purple Ribbon for her Shorts. She also won the Family & Community Education Award for Sewing.
Katie Wiliams-Horseless Horse
A Purple Ribbon on her Horseless Horse Book
Betsy Malecha-Photo 1: Adventures with camera
She entered three photographs, and received a Purples Ribbon for her Pet Photo entry, a Purple for her Story Photo and a Purple for her Close-up Photo. She was also awarded a $20 gift certificate from Shopko Photo.
Michaela Dunlap-Quiliting, Cooking and Sewing
A Purple Ribbon and a $25 certificate from Country Friend's Quilt Shop for her Irish Chain Quilt. A Purple for her "Around the World" Quilt and a Purple on her Table-runner with potholders. In cooking, she received a Red Ribbon for her Lemon Bars, a Blue Ribbon for her cookies, a Blue Ribbon for her Scandinavian Sweet Rolls, and a Blue Ribbon for her Baked Potatoes.
Erik Rose-Market Hog
A Blue Ribbon for Showmanship and a Red Ribbon for Market.
Megan Rose-
*A Purple Ribbon on her quilt.
* A Purple Ribbon for market and a Purple for Showmanship for her Market Lamb.
Holly Friede-Quilting
A Purple Ribbon on her quilt.
Andrew Rose-
*Market Hog: A Blue Ribbon for Market and a Blue Ribbon for Showmanship.
*Horse: A Blue Ribbon for Riding and a Blue Ribbon for Showmanship.
Kallista Thornton-Beginning Foods
A Red Ribbon for her cookies.
Ryan Nickol-Market Beef
A Purple Ribbon in Market and a Blue Ribbon for showmanship.

The Seeley Lake Club would like to thank the following bidders and buyers of the livestock: Gary Malecha, Seeley Lake Cenex, Pyramid Lumber, Richards Logging,, Jones Equipment out of Missoula, John & Val Warehime from Potomac, Farm Credit Services out of Missoula and Ron Lund of 2-Rivers Bank.

Co-organizational leader Raeann Henrekin said they would also like to thank the Seeley Lake Chamber for their support this year.
The leaders also said that if they were sorry if they missed thanking anyone who helped this year, they were sorry. Also, the leaders apologized for not having photos of some of the kids who had exhibits at the fair.

The membership meeting will be held October 6th at 7 p.m. at the Seeley Lake Elementary School. Anyone 7 years-old and older who is interested is encouraged to join. There are numerous categories, and if you have something new you are interested in, Teague said they will create a new category.

The livestock categories include horse, steer, pig and lamb. Other categories include cooking, sewing, quilting, knitting, photography, gardening, archery, shooting sports, pocket pets and horseless horse projects.

For more information, you may call Sharon Teague at 677-2500 or Raeann Henrekin at 677-3502.

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