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Vintage Pierce-Arrow
Autos Make Overnight Stop Here

September 23, 1999
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana



Don Meyer of Lebaonon, New Jersey, pauses for a photo of his 1914 Pierce-Arrow.


Don Meyer and Clay Green, of Doyles Town, Pennsylvania, are proud owners of restored Pierce-Arrow automobiles. The front auto, owned and restored by Green, a cousin of Martha Swanson of Seeley Lake, is a 1909 Pierce-Arrow. It was third-from-the-last of the four cylinder cars. Later all "Arrows" were six cylinders.



At left, Jerry Swanson helps raise the convertible top on the 1914 Pierce-Arrow that was leaving the Wilderness Gateway Inn in Seeley Lake during a morning rain shower two weeks ago.

The car owners were on a trip from Jackson Hole, Wyoming to British Columbia. The Pierce-Arrow in the early part of this century was one of the most expensive cars made. The company went bankrupt during the depression. For more information, try the Pierce-Arrow Society web site at

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