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Seeley Lake PTA Holds
First Meeting of Year

September 9, 1999
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

Seeley Lake PTA Holds First Meeting
of Year to Decide Fate of Boo Bash

by Nancy Miller, PTA Member


The Seeley Lake Elementary PTA will have its first meeting on Wednesday, September 15h at 7:00 p.m. at the elementary school. The classroom with the most parents attending will receive $50. Agenda topics include elections, Boo Bash '99, Christmas Store, His & Her Raffle, Ice Cream Social, Teacher Appreciation Luncheon, Grandparents' Day and the School Directory.

At this meeting the PTA will decide if plans for Boo Bash '99 will move forward. The PTA has sponsored the Boo Bash carnival for four years and the Boo Bash chili feed for two years. Lots and lots of people have always come to Boo Bash. It is such a popular event because it is a fun, safe and exciting way for families and friends to spend the evening. But in some years, there haven't been enough parents to plan and oversee Boo Bash. The PTA would like to know if people do not have the time, or if they don't realize how much planning, coordinating and help it takes to put on this event. The PTA's mission is to do what the majority of parents want. if the Boo Bash is too labor intensive for parents, then something else may be chosen. One suggestion has been for the PTA to donate trinkets from last year's Boo Bash to classrooms for their own parties.

If parents attending this PTA meeting are in favor of continuing Boo Bash, committees will be formed and plans will get under way. If you cannot attend this meeting but can help with Boo Bash, please let Nancy Miller at 677-3344 or Kim Bezanson at 677-3076 know so that your input is noted. Clubs, groups or classes that are planning to have a booth at Boo Bash '99, please send a representative to this meeting. If parents decide not to do Boo Bash this year, then alternative suggestions will be discussed.

Your thoughts, ideas and input are appreciated and welcomed. See you at the meeting.

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