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Ugly turns to artistic
with murals at school

April 13, 2000
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

By Patricia Swan Smith
For the Pathfinder


Sharon Teague got the idea of the mural project in the center courtyard because when she looked out the windows facing the area she said it was "ugly."

She said the students designed the mural. They chose their scenes and then they had to draw them to scale on the primed walls. The students did all the detail painting using small brushes and paint that they tinted and blended themselves.

"I think the project was a real learning experience," Teague said. "We found out that it takes gallons and gallons of paint to cover a wall this size. It also takes many hours of painstaking detail work to make a scene this large look attractive."

The project took weeks and weeks, but Teague said each one of them was pleased with the end results.

"I'm proud of their effort and I think the mural is a great addition to the school," Teague said. "I would like to thank the staff at Rovero's for their help with the paint and tints."

Here's what the students (artists) thought about the project:

Lane Anderson, 7th grade, "I thought it was fun. I think it took time and patience. Art is my favorite class."

Alex Brighton, 7th grade, "I thought the mural was really fun. I worked on the boat and dragon pictures. Other than getting paint on myself, it was fun."

Cody Bartlett, 7th grade, "I thought the wall painting was a kick in the pants. It took a lot of time and patience."

Ryan Nichol, "I helped with the snowboard wall. The priming of the wall was boring, because it took forever. The snowboard logos on the wall were very complicated."

Jennifer Hals, 8th grade, "Painting the walls of the outside picnic area in the school was a great project. I helped paint the fantasy scene and I had a lot of fun doing it. We took many characters from fairy tales and painted them together to get a great result. We even got to stretch our imaginations and paint whatever neat idea that came to our minds. The fantasy scene turned out great!"

Rochelle Misenar, 8th grade, "I worked on two different murals. I helped paint things on the "Fantasy Wall" with Shelly, Sadie, Hayley and Jennifer. Then I helped paint logo's on the "Snowboarder Wall" with Lane, Nathan and Joey. It was fun to me, but after a while it did get kind of old. If I had a chance to do it again, I'd do it!

Jennifer Moderie, 7th grade, "I worked on the snowboarding scene and the wilderness scene. I thought it was hard, and I got very bored. I hope people enjoy the murals, because they took a long time to paint."

Mary Jo Jensen, 7th grad, "I helped paint and design the nature scene. It gives the school a good sense of color. It took a lot of time and patience. I got some ideas from hunting magazines. I did this because I like to draw.

Ralph Cahoon, 7th grade, "I worked on small parts of most of the panels. I had fun doing it. We got the ideas off the top of our heads. I worked with Matt, Alex and Cody. It got cold at the end and that is when it got frustrating, but overall it was fun."

Matt Kyle, 7th grade, "I worked on the small parts of the panels on the wall. I thought it was pretty fun paining the walls with all kinds of pictures and stuff. Sometimes it was pretty boring because it took so long. I worked with Alex, Cody and Ralph."

Nathan Love, 8th grade, "I helped with the snowboarding part and I thought it was hard but fun. I also thought that the border and logos were the best part of it."

Joey Moderie, 8th grade, "I helped on the snowboard wall. I did the snowboard logos that are around on the wall. It got boring after a while."

Sadie Linford, 8th grade, "I thought it was a blast. We got most ideas from the Pagemooter and Alice in Wonderland. It did get kind of old and I ruined a lot of clothes while painting. I really don't want to see another paint can again. We didn't get done on time so we kind of rushed at the end."

Shelly Watson, 8th grade, "I thought the mural was fun, but after a while it got old. I don't think I ever want to see another paint brush again. I helped with the Fantasy Wall. We didn't get done on time so we had to work after in the cold. But looking at it now, I think it might have been worth ruining like five pairs of pants (or maybe not)."

Michaela Dunlap, 7th grade, "I helped paint and design the moose in the nature mural. I really enjoyed doing this project. I really think that the moose and its surroundings turned out well. At the end it turned out that we had six or seven different colors of "Moose Brown."

It's really worth stopping by the grade school to see. The students did a great job.


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