Summertime, Fishing Time

August 10, 2000
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

MFWP Kid's Fishing Day

by Donna Love


The Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (MFWP) Service held their second annual Kid's Fishing Day in Seeley Lake in late June in the parking lot of Lindey's Steak House. Children vacationing in the area joined local children to learn various aspects of fishing. Bill Thomas, with the help of Les Rutledge of MFWP in Missoula, organized the morning's activities.

Barry Cummings, the Water Safety Officer for the Clearwater Chain of Lakes, spoke on the proper use of life jackets.

John Belobraidic, of the Missoula Office of MFWP, taught the children how to tie a hook onto their fishing line and how to cast. Practice poles were provided by MFWP.

Jeremy Falch, also of the Missoula Office of MFWP, taught the children how to identify different kinds of fish by their shape and color. The children played a game of "go fish" using laminated pictures. When they reeled in their line they identified what kind of fish they caught. When they got it right they won a rpize.

Donna Love, representing the Montana Loon Society, spoke on being a responsible, conscientious fisherman, which includes obeying signs on the lakes and rivers. She also spoke on the importance of using steel sinkers instead of lead to reduce lead poisoning in wildlife.

The children were treated to a hot dog lunch provided by MFWP and practiced their newly learned skills by fishing off the docky at Lindey's Landing.

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