Quilt Show Awards

August 3, 2000
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

Original design: Marian Burmeister
Reproductin of actual cabin: Susan Bohlken


by Cathy Rapp

The Quiltmakers of the Tamaracks thank the community for making our first indoor show and sale a rousing success. The Quilt Show held on July 15th drew approximately 300 viewers to the exhibit. Quilts in a wide variety of designs and in every color filled the Community Hall. Over 100 quilts were displayed on racks, walls and tables throughout the building. Every possible space was covered by a quilt. Half of the quilts were bed size. It is comforting to know that the beds of Seeley Lake are so well dressed. Each quiltmaker represented deserves much applause from the community.

This year's Viewer's Choice Awards were beautiful hand-crafted ribbons made by Pam and Helen Rose. Ribbons were designated for the eight adult categories. Unlike county fair shows where quilts are judged by a select group of experts, winners are simply determined by the voting of the viewers. All "Kids Quilts" entries received participation awards. Helen Rose, Seeley Lake, won in the Large Quilt (Over 200" perimeter - machine quilted) ribbon. The Small Quilt (under 200") went to Ann Kimble, Seeley Lake. Winner in the Wall Hanging category was Jackie Salter, Missoula. Small project ribbon was awarded to Bessie Perhay, Seeley Lake. Patti Bartlett-Dunlap received the Appliqué ribbon. Ann Kimble was again a winner for Handquilting. Quilt Show chairperson Jill Larson won the Wearables top place. Our newest category, Art Quilts, had wall quilts of true art. The viewers chose the Cabin by Susan Bohlken, Seeley Lake.

The biggest smiles in town are on the faces of the Raffle Winners. Sharon Ding won "Stars over Seeley Lake" the year 2000 raffle quilt. No less excited is Vickie Scalise, winner of the "Fat Quarter Basket" raffle. A "fat quarter" is an 18x22" piece of fabric and is considered by most quilters a "jewel." Vickie won over 100 of these little gems in a wicker picnic basket. Vickie lives in Seeley Lake every weekend and is new to the quilting world. It always makes the Quiltmakers of the Tamaracks happy to see our raffle quilts won by local folks.

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