YMCA swim program
draws crowd of youngsters

August 24, 2000
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

From left: Elaina Novak, Kem Trice, Samantha Pollard, Sidney Johnson.

From left: Betsy Malecha, instructor Kem Trice, Matthew Pitman, ben Stratton, Jenny Trice, Steven Pitman, Jeremiah Rittel, Charlie Birdsbill.
At back head instructor Danni Parcell, from left: Billie Bogardus, Catalina Parcell, Callie Trice, Heather Friede, Tyler Cahoon, Josh Blackburn, and Summit Parcell. From left: Elaina Novak, Conor Marlatt, Samantha Pollard, and Sidney Johnson.

Photos by Deborah Stack

Story by Annie Marlatt

Thank you to all the participants, instructors and supporters of our recent session of YMCA swimming lessons. A special THANK YOU to the Missoula County Sheriff's Association for their generous donation to the program. Because of their support we were able to offer the lessons at a more affordable price to our community. Due to the help and efforts of Danni Parcell and Michelle Holmes we were able to bring this opportunity to our local lakes.

It was a great success and we are so grateful to be able to teach our kids here where they probably do most of their swimming. Our first session was at River Point Campground from July 18th through the 28th. We had 45 children participate. Next we moved up to the Holland Lake swimming area from August 1st through the 11th with 38 participants. The weather cooperated and we were lucky to have only a few smoky days during our Swan Valley session.

The overall comments on the program were positive and the kids seemed to enjoy themselves in spite of some chattering teeth. We were able to keep the class sizes down and had assistants helping out when we had over four or five kids per class. Some of the comments we received: "...really enjoyed their swimming lessons and the improvement they made was remarkable," "...instructors were great. They were enthusiastic and positive," "...started off not too sure about all of it, and ended up anxious to go each day thanks to their instructors."

We are looking forward to an even better program next year and encourage all ages to participate. How does "Synchronized Seniors" sound?

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