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Mushers face below zero
temperatures during 100-mile race

At the Start in Saturday's Sled Dog Race.

Photo by Deborah Stack
February 3, 2000
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

A very fast trail greeted mushers for the Jan 29 start of the S-L100/200. Weather was cold and clear for the all night run.

Mushers reported temperatures as low as minus 28 across the flats.

The cold temperatures did not appear to effect the teams but several mushers were not quite prepared for the cold after such warm weather.

Several teams chose to camp at the base of Huckelberry Pass so they could enjoy the views from the pass in the daylight. Nineteen teams started from downtown Seeley Lake and Jack Beckstrom (Bib #2) led for almost the entire race.

However when the starting time differential was calculated the Butch Parr, the last team to start, was the eventual winner by 11 minutes. Following are the race results for the Seeley-Lincoln 100.

The actual mileage for the race was 104.


Total time including 4-hr layover


Butch Parr, Whitefish, MT 13:40

Jack Beckstrom, Olney, MT 13:51

Cindy Ogden, Seeley Lake, MT 14:05

Jeanne Strahl, Marion, MT 14:07

Jim Gallea, Seeley Lake, MT 14:17

Heidi Cox, Huson, MT 14:32

Nancy Sweeney, Elliston, MT 14:32

Chris Adkins, Sand Coulee, MT 14:42

Pat Bastings, Elliston, MT 15:01

Rob Greger, Bozeman, MT 15:24

Mark Wood, Placerville, CO 16:22

Chantel Wood, Placerville, CO 16:42

Gretchen Dubit, Hespeerus, CO 17:49

Terry Hinesly, Grand Marais, MN 18:08

Gregg Dubit, Hespeerus, CO 18:25

Kevin Guinn, Mazama, WA 18:41

Blake Mutray, Divide, CO 20:23

Steve Madsen, WA Scratched at 79 miles

Jerry Geisler, AZ Scratched at 38 miles


Although seven teams were entered in the 200-mile race, only Jeanne Strahl choose to complete the return to Seeley Lake. Her total elapsed time was 36:25.

Rob Greger was awarded the Sportsmanship Award for his help and actions on the trail and Jeanne Strahl won the Best Cared for Team Award.

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