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Lubrecht Forest Ski Trails Open

January 20, 2000
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

Lubrecht Forest Cross Country Ski Trails are open for the season.

Donations are appreciated, but not necessary.

On Saturdays there is a fire in the rec hall with coffee available. A drop in lunch is available for $7 per person.

Access to all trails is from the Lubrecht Forest cabin area parking lot. Trails are marked by diamond shaped blue trail blazers. Black letters identify the particular trail. Difficulty rating signs are posted at trail heads and at trail intersections.

Below is a brief description of each trail:

Trail A: A generally flat trail wandering through wooded terrain with trail grades less than 2 percent. (1.0 miles: beginning).

Trail B: An extension of Trail A with similar terrain and slope (1.1 miles; beginning).

Trail C: This trail goes through timber and meadows with a few trail grades of 7 percent. Total elevational defference of 80 feet (3.1 miles; beginning).

Trail D: A mostly forest trail with a few short trail grades of 12 percent. Total elevational difference of 180 feet. The northern portion of this trail crosses private land. Please stay on the trail in this area (6.4 miles, intermediate).

Trail E: A rugged trail through timbered terrain. Steep sections require advanced braking and turning techniques. There are long stretches of 5 to 10 percent grades with occasional portions approaching 15 percent (8.3 miles; advanced).

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