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Seniors Party All Nite
to Star Wars Theme

Dork Vader and Princess Lei give the students the party rules.

Team Desiree Nemmers and Heidi Matthew
and Team Erika Styler and Lindsey Matthew
begin the race.

Back L-R Robyn Lewis and Aubree Reinitz Front L-R Samantha Lewis and Sarina Morris

L-R Kaleb Johnson, Jenna Kyle,
Shyanne Feucht and Bryan Barthelmus.

June 15, 2000
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana


By Patricia Swan Smith
For the Pathfinder


The Star Wars theme added lots of spice to the 2000 All Night Senior Party held near Condon on May 27th.

With the Swan Mountain Range as the backdrop, the seniors celebrated graduation with tons of food, games and an auction, which they could purchase great items with the play-money they earned during the evening.

The seniors and their guests filled two buses at the Seeley swan High School around 7 p.m. The bus windows were painted to keep the seniors from knowing where they were headed. (The location was kept secret, thus eliminating the chances of outside aliens from crashing the party) The party lasted until 3:30 a.m. the 28th.

Parents started the All Night Party four years ago. The party is paid for by donations. The parents pull this all together as a way of congratulating the seniors for their graduation as well as giving them a safe place to have fun after graduation.

Besides completing their high school education, the seniors donate approximately 500 hours in labor to the community during their senior year in the Senior Priority program. This program teaches the students the value of giving to the community they live in. The students painted, hauled wood, helped with grade school functions such as the Ice Cream Social, shoveled walks and roofs, helped at the cemetery, refereed basketball and volleyball and helped the senior citizens.

The party included paddle boat races, a bull ride, jousting, frog races and much more. With these games, the seniors received cash (play money) as prizes. Toward the end of the evening, the students used their money to bid on auction items donated for the party. Among others, the items included raft trips down the Alberton Gorge, 1-hour flights over the Seeley Swan valley, gift certificates, microwave, refrigerator and golfing.

Rhonda Malecha took individual and group photos of the students. The students could choose a Star Wars outfit and create a pose.

What a great way to end twelve years of school!


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