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Graduation 2000 at Seeley-Swan High School

As always, the high school gymnasium was filled to standing room only for the Class of 2000 graduation ceremony on Sunday, May 28.

awards recognized
at graduation

Marlee Brown
Seeley 7K Scholarship Run $250
Deborah Cahoon
Seeley 7K Scholarship Run $300
Bobby Clark
Seeley 7K Scholarship Run $100
Concordia University $6,500
Broad Horizons Scholarship $10,000
Lane Dellwo
Seeley 7K Scholarship Run $350
Kelly Duntz
Seeley 7K Scholarship Run $300
The Bottom Line Fund $300
U of M Music Scholarship $500
'Represent" Scholarship $100
Cameron Gamache
The Bottom Line Fund $100
Kaleb Johnson
The Bottom Line Fund $100
Jenna Kyle
U of M Fox Foundation Scholarship $500
Elks State Scholarship $200
Board of Regents Tuition Waiver
Samantha Lewis
Uof M Fox Foundation Scholarship $1,000
Noah Madinger
Seeley 7K Scholarship Run $100
Katie Matthew
Seeley 7K Scholarship Run $350
Chris Mood
Westwood College of Technology $2,000
Shannon O'Brien
Exchange Club Scholarship 4100
Achievement Award $514
Anonymous Scholarship $2,000/yr
Advantage Grant $1,500/yr
Gene Ogden Memorial $100
Seeley 7K Scholarship Run $500
Carroll Presidential Scholarship $5,000/yr
VASA Scholarship $500
Aubree Reinitz
Mayville State University $2,000
Cole Sullivan
Missoula Sheriff's Dept. $500
Service Learning Scholarship $500Scholarships,

Aubree Reinitz & Kelly Duntz in a vocal. 
Luke Marlatt delivers a tribute to the late
Cliff Nelson 
Cole Sullivan and Tony Hendricks read part of the class prophecy. 

Chris Mood graduated second in the class scholastically, less than a point from first place.
Principal Kim Haines recognizes Shannon O'Brien as the top graduating senior scholastically.
Aubree Reinitz and Kaleb Johnson read part of the class prophecy. 

Brad Neumeister welcomes the audience to graduation 
Brandy Lewis gives Jenna Kyle a gift of appreciation from the class.
Aubree Reinitz, Brandy Lewis, and Samantha Lewis in a vocal number.

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