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Jenny Creek Trail closed to Stock Use

June 15, 2000
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

Jenny Creek Trail #141 Temporarily Closed to Pack & Saddle Stock Use

The Jenny Creek Trail from Young's Pass down to Young's Creek is temporarily closed to stock use. This is a secondary trail connecting the Lodgepole Creek Trailhead on the Lolo National Forest to the mainline trail in Young's Creek.

Parts of the trail were rebuilt in the summer of 1999. Any new tread work on a trail takes some time to settle and dry out before it is stable. This is especially true in areas that do not have a lot of rock or gravel in the trail surface, like the case in Jenny Creek. Heavy use, especially by livestock, before the trail is dry and has settled can damage and rut the trail. To minimize this happening, the Jenny Creek Trail will be closed to livestock until the trail settles and dries out later in the summer. Signs posting the trail closed to livestock have been posted at the Lodgepole Creek Trailhead, and in at Big Prairie in the South fork of the Flathead.

The trail is planned to be open to livestock on July 8th when under normal summer conditions the trail will be dry. The most current information on the trail is available from the Spotted Bear Ranger District, 406-758-5376, or the Seeley Lake Ranger District, 677-2233.

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