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Eight seniors will benefit
from 7K scholarship run

March 30, 2000
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

Bill and Donna Bogardus and baby took part in the 7K Scholarship Race. They're shown here at the start.

Tom Larson, Seeley Lake Elementary principal and high school music instructor, gave it a good go in the 7K race Saturday.

Seniors Bobby Clark, left, Shannon O'Brien, center, and SSHS coach Shawn Holmes picking up speed.

Forty-two runners turned out for the second annual 7K Scholarship Run last Saturday and the benefit race raised some $1,300 that will be used to provide scholarship monies to eight graduating SSHS seniors.

To be eligible for scholarships, the seniors had to run in the race though how they finished was not a consideration. Scholarships will be awarded on the basis of essays the seniors write on how the physical, mental, and spiritual charcteristics will and do fit into their life. They must, as well, describe how they will spend the money.

Seniors who ran the race and who will receive scholarship amounts yet to be determined by the essays were Marlee Brown, Deborah Cahoon, Bobby Clark, Lane Dellwo, Kelly Duntz, Noah Madinger, Katie Matthew, and Shannon O'Brien.

Eighteen women entered the race with the top three finishers being Beth Mulligan, 27:47; Jennifer Pearson 31:48; and Kelly Duntz 32:13.

Other women, by age group, were:

Age 0-15: Brooke Dellwo 36:49, Erin Meissner 43:56.

Age 16-18: Kelly Duntz 32:13, Shannon O'Brien 37:49, Deborah Cahoon 39:36, Katie Matthew 49:11, Marlee Brown 49:12, Autumn Biggins 62:01.

Age 19-30: Beth Mulligan 27:47, Jennifer Pearson 31:48; Ashley Wisehart 32:33, Angela Lawrence 42:44; Donna Bogardus 68:57.

Age 31-45: No runners.

Age 46-55: Chris Benton 39:45, Carol Hedges 49:52, Bonnie Fergerson 54:01.

Age 56-plus: Lillian Stephenson 55:32, Ann Hayes 60:45.

Twenty-four men entered the race with the top three being Jacob Hartsocks, Ben Younce, and Andrew Gideon.

Age 0-15: Jacob Hartsocks 24:39, Ben Yonce 26:21, Andrew Gideon 26:33.

Age 16-18: Lane Dellwo 28:16, Josh Morey 29:02, Bobby Clark 30:24, Sean Oman 30:43, Noah Madinger 39:32.

Age 19-30: Jacob Hartsocks 24:39, Jeremy Hurlbert 26:48, Eric Wisehart 32:33, Sean Ruppel 44:38, Aaron Poe 45:08, Bill Bogardus 68:45.

Age 31-45: Ben Yonce 26:21, Andrew Gideon 26:33, Danny Jones 27:45, Steve Gideon 28:19, Shawn Holmes 31:52, Mike Nelson 33:44.

Age 46-55: Rick Spady 31:29, Jim Benton 32:04, Ron Schlader 39:53, Gordon Watson 39:55.

Age 56-plu: Bob Hayes 33:55, Tom Larson 58:40.

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