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A family with threads in veins

Patti Bartlett-Dunlap with her quilts Wear Warm Clothes and Welcome Summer.
Patti had around 35 quilts on display during an Alpine Artisans Quilt show held
last fall at the Emily A . Bed & Breakfast.

Patti Bartlett-Dunlap:
Quilter Extraordinaire

March 9, 2000
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

Story & photos

by Patricia Swan Smith

For the Pathfinder
Patti Bartlett-Dunlap has been quilting since she was in the fifth grade, which was a couple of years ago. She can't even give an estimate of how many quilts she's made, but she made six this year.

She says that her family has thread in their veins. Her great-grandmother and grandmother quilted. Her mother, her daughter and her son quilt. And she's even had the Cub Scouts quilting.

The Cub Scouts made a quilt for Officer Heinle who was shot while on duty in Missoula.

"They had a blast," Patti said.

She got her daughter Michaela started at age two, because that was the only way she could keep her quiet when Michaela had pneumonia.

"Even our wild man of house, Colton, made his fist quilt at age five, and he's nine now," she said. He also helped with the quilt the Cub Scouts made for Officer Heinle.

"It's not just for women," she smiles and says.

Patti also gives quilting lessons. She usually offers two lessons a month, and the cost of the classes runs between $25 and $35. That does not include the fabric. If you are interested in a class call her at 677-2552 or call Deer Country Quilts at 677-2730.

Patti had around 35 of her quilts on display at the Alpine Artisans Quilt Show held at the Emily A Bed & Breakfast last fall where these photos were taken.


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