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Richards family donates money to
School & Community Foundation

 In front, from left, are Mike Richards, Anita and Ron Richards, and Jeff Richards. Standing at left is Stan Nicholson, chair of the Seeley Lake Community Foundation, and Seeley Lake Elementary Superintendent John Hebnes. In the background is a wood and glass trophy case built with a $500 donation from the Richards family, which also made a $5,000 gift to the local Community Foundation. G. Noland photo

March 9, 2000
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

The Richards family has given $500 to the Elementary School for a trophy case, seen in the picture, and $5,000 to the newly formed Seeley Lake Community Foundation for the Community Fund. Both gifts are in memory of their son and brother, Jim.

The gift to the Foundation takes the Fund a little over half way towards the $10,000 fundraising goal which the Board has set for this year. The two gifts in memory of Jim Richards combine something of immediate benefit to the community and a gift to the Seeley Lake permanent endowment that will yield income in perpetuity.

One of the purposes of the Foundation's Fund, is to provide ways for members of our community to remember someone special with gifts that will provide long-term support for the charitable needs of Seeley Lake.

The general purpose of the Foundation is to support programs of non-profit organizations in the Seeley Lake Area with grants from the income from the permanent endowment together with other funds raised by special activities of the Foundation. The Seeley Lake Community Foundation is an affiliate of the Montana Community Foundation, in Helena which will invest the principal of the Fund to produce long-term growth.

The Board is planning a series of information meetings about its work and goals and will carry out further fundraising activities this summer. Board members are: Larry Marx, Mary Ann Morin, Stan Nicholson, Anita Richards, Loren Rose and Mark Williams.

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