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Monday snowcat riders
support School Snack Program

Snack Program supporters Jessie Henrekin and Jackie Teague with Monday Riders Bud Anderson, Scott Edwards, Neil Ruttenbur and Fred Hartman at Wold's Valley Market with some great snacks
P. Swan Smith photo


March 23, 2000
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana


The Monday Riders (a rambunctious snowmobile group) donated treats for the snack program at the Seeley Lake Elementary this year. According to John Hebnes, the school does not have a breakfast program due to lack of participants, so the snack program helps the K through 3 students make it until lunch.

One of the Monday riders, Scott Edwards, said he and members Bud Anderson, Emery Johnson and Fred Hartman were on a pack trip in the Bob Marshall and decided that the Monday Riders should do something for the community. They discussed it with member Jim Kyle, and he came up with the idea to sponsor the Snack Program at the school.

A letter went out to the Monday riders, and the checks started rolling in, according to Edwards. Leon Bergan presented the club a check from the VFW, which we really appreciated, he said.

"Monday rider Bruce Wold owner of the Valley Market sold us the snacks at a considerable discount," Edwards said.

The cost of the program is approximately $100 per month.

A core group of about a dozen avid snowmobilers make up the Monday Riders. Sometimes there are 25 riders, and most are members of the Seeley Lake Driftriders.

"They're mostly older guys who go up in the hills and act like teenagers," Edwards said. "We have a lot of fun. And we just wanted to do something for the community."


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