Underdog Ladyhawks
could suprise someone

November 9, 2000
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

Shyanne Feucht seldom misses in close.

Fast breaking Abbie Christianson.


Stevensville game
photos by G. Noland

Crystal Wood with a qick bounce pass.

Teshia Freseman looks for an opening from the corner.

by Gary Noland
for the Pathfinder

It's District Tournament time for the Ladyhawks who have had an up-and-down season, 8-10 overall. But in District 5-B, the Ladyhawks have been mostly down with a 2-10 record and go into the tournament as underdogs against number two Deer Lodge Wednesday.

But being the underdog is sometimes advantageous. There's nothing to lose and everything to gain, and coach Les Gordon has taken underdogs to tournaments before and pulled off some surprises.

This year's Ladyhawk team could surprise someone.

Senior Shyanne Feucht, the Ladyhawk leading scorer, can play on anyone's team and she doesn't miss many attempts inside the circle. Helping Shyanne out underneath the boards is sophomore Jesse Diamond who's starting to show the results of some hard-earned experience this season.

And on the perimeter out front are senior leaders Lara Parker and Crystal Wood and junior speedster Abbie Christianson. These three can move the ball with blinding speed and take advantage of the fast break or quick steal.

Support from the young bench comes quickly from sophomore Teshia Freseman whose improved ball handling and shooting has figured in recent games. With the only seniors on the starting five, coach Gordon counts on juniors Anne Leishman, Beth Copenhaver and Chelsea Kesinger, sophomores Sarah Gehrke and Blair Barthelmess, and ninth grade standouts Hayley Blackburn and Sadie Linford for subsitute strength when needed.

The Ladyhawks ended their regular season this past week with a win over Western A Stevensville, 53-34, and a loss to Loyola, 52-39.

Abbie Christianson led the assault on Stevensville with 15 points. Crystal Wood backed that up with 10 points, Shyanne Feucht 9, Jesse Diamond 8, Sarah Gehrke 4, Lara Parker 3, Beth Copenhaver 2, and Hayley Blackburn 2.

Shyanne Feucht led the Ladyhawks in a hard fought Loyola match with 11 points, followed by Lara Parker with 5, Crystal Wood with 4, Abbie Christianson 4, Beth Copenhaver 4, Teshia Freseman 2, Sarah Gehrke 2, Jesse Diamond 2, and Sadie Linford 2.

Game time with Deer Lodge Wednesday at the Florence-Carlton High School in Florence is at 4:30 p.m.

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