Museum Centerpiece, hopefully

November 16, 2000
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

(Letter To the Editor)

Dear Gary,

Noticed the photo of this car in this week's issue. This car is going to move again. I own this car, and it is in a thousand pieces. My little brother and I are putting it back together, maybe even make it run once again. It is a 1929 Ford Model A Tudor sedan. These "snowmobile" conversions were common beginning in the mid-1920's, initially offered to fit Model T Fords.

This car, the bottoms of the doors were hacked off in order to clear the tracks, and the back panel was hacked open to allow large parcels inside, all fenders were also hacked off. (I use the term "hacked off" as things were chopped off with an ax).

It is my understanding it was used only a year or two, this is a contraption that would soon shake itself apart if used much. I also understand it was used to deliver mail from Seeley Lake to Swan Lake only in the wintertime.

The car ended up at Jack Johnson place, the place where Pete Rovero's mother homesteaded in early '20sacross from Lloyd Hahn's place, north of the school. I drove dump truck for Seaman Construction (forerunner to Matthew Bros.) about 1980 when I discovered the remains of this rig (Bob and Marian Seaman lived on this place then), and packed it home. We have most the pieces, we think.

My intent is to make this the centerpiece for a museum I plan to build here in the Condon area. Said museum will focus around old cars, old tools and old machinery. I and my family have collected stuff for decades, and the stuff needs a permanent home. I do not have a hard plan for museum yet, busy with other projects


Ken Wolff,

Condon, Montana

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