It's Never Too Late to Say...
Thank You . . . Volunteers

For your vigilance and hard work in one
of the worst fire seasons on record!


The Fire Department wished to recognize Colin Moon, DNRC Fire Management Officer at the Clearwater Unit as well as a volunteer, for his work in staffing the department here with extra help from out of the area and coordinating the actions of firefighters at the local and state level during the high level alerts.

Some of the Seeley Lake firefighters who helped man the station this summer: from left, Kurt Lovejoy, Jim White and Nino Robinett.


Joe Ellinghouse,
current fire chief.


Pat Swan Smith, fire department
manager, had a busy summer.


October 12, 2000
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana


Fire conditions in the Seeley Lake area in the summer of 2000 were likened to the year 1910, the worst fire season in Montana.

Authorities described Seeley Lake as a town that "could disappear in an afternoon," given the right set of fire and wind events.

Everyone will remember it as a summer of anxiety, a summer when the Bitterroot fires were a constant reminder of how precarious our situation here could become.

Always at the top of any list of volunteers are those who serve without pay in the Seeley Lake Volunteer Fire Department. Their devotion, training and alertness in responding to a large number of fires, and controlling those fires, saved Seeley Lake from possible tragedy. Many of these firefighters put in 12 to 16 hours a day answering 17 calls during the long weeks of July, August and September.


These are volunteers of the highest order:


Thank you Volunteers ...


Joe Ellinghouse

Pat Swan Smith

Kurt Lovejoy

Jim White

Nino Robinett

Frank Maradeo

Don Bissell

Bill Englert

Hank Sommerdyke

Mark Kopenhafer

Peggy Westphal

Suzie Allen, a special worker at the Fire Station, practices using a water hose with help from Jason Meranvill.








Dave Fortune

Colin Moon

Marcia Kennedy

Scott Kennedy

Carlin Rammell

Randy Reintz

Mike Richards

Bob Stine

Andy Teague

Shawn Ellinghouse

Dennis Stratton

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