'Buckle Up
with KISS'

Alan Jeans, left, organized this first event. He's shown here with Lone Hutchison, a Missoula Traffic Safety Task Force Coordinator.

Trooper Shane Grimes, left,
assisting parents in a safety seat inspection.



Volunteers with the KISS program were, from left, Trooper Shane Grimes, Alan Jeans, Trooper Kenneth Breidenbach, Lonnie Hutchison, Trooper Iva May Johnston, Darlene Tonning, Harry Hutchison, Bob Friauf, Pat Swan Smith, and David Tonning.

October 5, 2000
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

Photos by
Deborah Stack
for the Pathfinder

Last Sunday the first KISS Program (Kids in Safety Seats and Seat Belts) was held at the Seeley Lake Fire Station.

According to Alan Jeans, organizer and promoter of the event, it was a "huge success," and he attributed a good turnout to lots of advance publicity.

Concerned parents came to see if their safety seats were property fastened or if their safety seats were out of date.

Twenty-one safety seats were checked and only one was found to be properly attached to the car seat.

Twenty-one new car seats were issued to parents.

Three Montana Highway Patrol officers were on hand to check out the seats and refit the new ones. Also helping out was Lonnie Hutchison, coordinator of the Missoula Traffic Safety Task Force, who was concerned that many parents are using out-of-date safety seats that will not help prevent serious injury to a child involved in an accident. All of the safety seats turned in will be destroyed as they were deemed unsafe.

Hutchison said 98 percent of the safety seats in cars in Montana are fastened incorrectly.

Eleanor Danesh, a certified passenger safety technician with the Missoula County Health Department, was available for questions from parents.


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