Last of Fire
Restrictions Lifted

September 21, 2000
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

Northwest Montana Agencies Lift the Last Fire Restrictions


Last week's pattern of cool and cloudy conditions and frequent rainstorms moving across the area have reduced the fire danger. Fire restrictions are being lifted on State Lands and National Forest system lands. The Level II restrictions were lifted the morning of Wednesday, September 13 in Northwest Montana; and Tuesday, September 12 in Southwest Montana. With the removal of these last restrictions there are no longer special requirements for the building of campfires, smoking, or woods operations.

Area closures on the Kootenai National Forest have also been lifted. The area closures had been in place due to fire suppression work, fire activity, or falling fire-killed trees. If you are planning to visit an area that was burned this summer, a check with the closest Ranger Station can provide you with more specific information about the area.

People visiting forested areas are reminded it is still their responsibility to be careful with fire. Only build campfires in areas cleared of vegetation, fuel, and other debris; and make sure all campfires are dead out.

No debris burning on State and private land will be allowed until October 1, or until further notice. After the first of October open burning will be allowed unless the fire danger were to increase again to the point that additional restrictions are needed. Additional information on techniques and suggestions for land owners to follow when debris burning can be obtained from the Northwest Land Office of Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) at 1-406-752-2240.

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