Remember What Happened

September 28, 2000
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

Dear Pathfinder,

It has been four years since my good friend and fellow educator Cliff Nelson was violently murdered in his own house. The Seeley Lake community and others have done much to honor Cliff.

The new Junior High/Middle School was named in his honor, aplaque/monument has been dedicated, and the Governor of Montana has bestowed an "Outstanding Citizen" proclamation in Cliff's memory.

All of this is well and good. I am sure Cliff would be both honored and embarrassed; however, the fact remains that the "Montana Teacher of the Year" was murdered, and that no one is being punished for that crime.

Indeed, Seeley Lake has a murderer in your community (where your children live and play).There are many in the community that know what happened on September 30, 1996.

For reasons unknown, they have chosen to remain silent both during the trial and thereafter. Justice cannot be served and the soul of the Seeley Lake community healed, until the murderer(s) is (are) revealed.

I suggest that concerned community people do all possible to get a major media network to do an investigative report about Cliff's murder.Perhaps, NBC's Date Line, ABC's 20/20, or A & E's "Investigative Reports" could be contacted (Cliff would have liked CBS's "Sixty Minutes" and Mike Wallace).

Until there is closure on this cowardly and hideous murder, neither justice, healing, or the memory ofCliff Nelson will be served.



Dr. Ben F. Irvin

P.O. Box 4014

Pocatello, Idaho 83201

(208) 478-4949


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