Scouting Round-up

Getting the trailer ready for Spring Camporee. From left: Chad Cox, Michael Biggins, Cody Kelley, Willie Bernstrauch, Bruce Davis, Daniel Whipple.

The Troop enjoys pizza at the Pizza Hut.

September 7, 2000
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

by Michael Biggins

It's been a busy spring and summer for the local Scout Troop 19. They've been actively working on merit badges, rank requirements, and just plain having fun.


March is not a good month for doing outside things. So the troop went to Five Valley Bowl for some bowling.


The First Class rank in scouting requires three swimming requirements. One is the BSA swimming test. One hundred yards has to be swum by the boy using a variety of strokes. The Scouts visited the Grizzly pool last April and most of them completed the test. They also went bowling on another trip to Missoula and then invaded one of the Pizza Huts for dinner.


In May they went to a spring camporee for their third camping trip of the year. The camporee was held on the Bison Range before it opened for the public. While there, they hunted for dropped antlers, did some tomahawk throwing, learned how knives are made, learned how to pack a mule, and observed an Indian campfire ceremony put on by the Flathead Indians.

A Court of Honor is where the boys receive recognition for completion of work they've done.

Boys receiving recognition were:

Second Class rank-Willie Bernstrauch, James & Levi Kelley, Daniel Whipple

Tenderfoot rank-Michael Biggins

Boy Scout Badge-Michael Biggins, RJ Woods

Camping Merit badge-James Kelley

The boys did a service project of yard cleanup for the Gysler's. Then ended the month with a two day rummage sale over the Memorial Day weekend.


In preparation for many of the boys first extended backpacking trip, they did a short overnight backpack trip along the Clearwater river at Elbow Lake.

Scoutmaster Del Whipple was nominated and awarded the Outstanding Scouter Award at the Boy Scout banquet held in Missoula.

Five of the boys worked on the Horsemanship merit badge.


Another First Class rank requirement is to identify ten plant varieties. The boys went to the Big Larch campground to do this, then finished the evening by taking a dip in Seeley Lake.

For their fifth camping trip of the year the boys went on a three day backpack trip to Pyramid Lake in the Bob Mashall Wilderness. This was the first time in the wilderness for many of the boys. A side trip was taken to the 8000 foot Pyramid Peak during their stay.

Another First Class rank requirement is to complete, an orienteering course of at least a mile. The boys did this near Trail Creek up by the Airport.

Also a number of the boys have been working on their Fishing merit badge requirements.


August was a frustrating month. Due to the drought and fire restrictions our summer was cut short, planned camping activities had to be canceled. But we did get to go to the waterslide up at Columbia Falls one day. A number of boys met at the swimming dock on Salmon Lake to do another of their first class swimming requirements. The boys wore pants over their swimming trunks and while in the water they had to remove the pants, tie the legs off, and fill them full of air so that they could float with the pants. Then they had to swim 50 feet with the inflated pants as a life preserver.

All in all it's been a busy few months for the Scouts, full of fun and interesting things to do. We look forward to having some rain in the area and hope the fire restriction get lifted so we can get back outdoors. Included with this article are pictures from various activities the boys have been involved with.

If any boys are interested in joining the troop you can contact Scoutmaster Del Whipple @ 677-2338 or Assistant Scoutmasters Michael Biggins and Robert Kelley @ 677-2166.

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