Fund-raising underway
for Skate Board Park


Ely Sheets, left, and Chris Niles demonstrate their skills

September 21, 2000
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

High school students Chris Niles, Ely Sheets, Robert Wehren and Thomas Brechbill started work this week building the jumps for the new skateboard park here in Seeley.

Mark Darrow, Industrial Arts Instructor at the high school is allowing the students to build the jumps as projects for wood shop.

A Skateboard Club formed in November of 1999, after skateboarders had been prohibited from skating around town. Pat Swan Smith has helped the club establish a checking account and acts as the secretary/treasurer for the club.

Among other things, their by-laws address behavior, language and garbage at the park.

Before elementary school superintendent Mr. John Hebnes left, he donated a 60 x 105 foot spot located off School Lane, and the rules and regulations are being discussed to coincide with existing school park insurance coverage.

To date, Gary Lewis, owner of Deer Creek Excavation, is donating the excavation work and the gravel needed to prepare the spot for paving has been donated.

Two contractors, Lake Country Builders and Pollard Construction, have agreed to build a couple of the jumps.

The cost of materials is not completed, but a rough estimate is $12,000.00. This includes an estimate for blacktop in the amount of approximately $6,500.00

The club has received the following donations or pledges: $500 from the Seeley Lake Lions Club; $150 donation from Missoula Electric Coop; One-$750 pledge from a private, anonymous donor; and $50 from Martin Drilling and Bonnie Martin Real Estate.

Horace Brown told the club at the May Council meeting that there is matching funds available from the county to help build the park.

The club will hold fundraising activities over the next year. One of the events will include giving on-going lessons to kids who would like to learn how to skateboard.

Before requesting a matching fund grant, the club is in hopes of raising more money. If you would like to make a donation, you may make it to the Skateboard Account at the First Valley Bank or send it to Skateboard Club, P.O. Box 591, Seeley Lake, MT 59868. For more information about skateboarding lessons, donations or club activities, call Pat at (406) 677-3041.

The club presented the following information about injuries to the Community Council, Lions Club and Seeley Lake Chamber over the past several months:

National Safety Council and Consumer Safety Commission based on data from 1996 (American Sports Data estimates this year more than 9.3 million skateboarders under the age of 18 will skateboard this year in the US.)

Baseball: 36,600,000 participants; 437,207 injuries for 1.26 percentage.

Basketball: 29,600,000 participants; 761,358 injuries for 2.57 percentage.

Football: 14,700,000 participants; 409,296 injuries for 2.78 percentage.

Ice Hockey: 1,700,000 participants; 61,264 injuries for 3.62 percentage.

Skateboarding: 6,200,000 participants; 27,718 injuries for .49 percentage.

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