Barn Again!
Two Dynamic Lives

April 26, 2001
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

Barn Again!

by Addrien Marx

Last week two dynamic lives were silenced. Ironically, their death notices occurred in the same morning paper. Perhaps this was as close as I ever considered the two women together, and their influence that still is in evidence in the Seeley-Swan. Trixi McCormick and Janet Moore touched this land and made a difference in everyone's relationship to it. Most can visualize the landmark, Trixi's, near Ovando. Few now remember her worldwide celebrity and its impact on the Blackfoot Valley. Janet Moore had a celebrity past in the political arena that began in Washington, D.C., but continued in her retirement years as she served as House Representative in our District for three terms. I always think of Janet when I see high school students using the footbridge that crosses over Morrell Creek - she was the impetus behind the project.

Our past touches the present and slides into the future. The stories, the lives, and the knowledge need to be preserved. The Seeley Lake Historical Museum and Visitor Center needs to be completed. The Barn Board is presently pursuing more grants and making plans for a little landscaping this spring. Until grant applications are successful, the facility cannot progress.

With the increase of tourism related business, coupled with the advent of the Lewis and Clark bicentennial, the Visitor Center is becoming a more urgent need. Visitors and residents alike need resources that inform them of services, businesses, and recreational opportunities. The Center will also be able to encourage no-impact use of our natural opportunities.

Reading the obituaries is too often a time not only of reflection, but a time to realize time is passing - quickly. Last week, two totally diverse women left us with tangible evidence - lives of the past have impacted the present and will help direct our future. Shouldn't we be about the task of preserving that legacy?

If you have ideas on how to hasten our final fund raising efforts, please contact one of the following: Gary Miller, Bruce Johnson, Ed Bezanson, Zoe Mohesky, or Addrien Marx.


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