Brown Bear Resources
Presents "Be Fair to Bears"

April 12, 2001
Seeley Swan Pathfinder
Seeley Lake, Montana

Brown Bear Resources (BBR) again presents the "Be Fair to Bears" program at Swan Valley Elementary on Wednesday, April 11, to help children live with wildlife in the Swan Valley. Guest presenters include wildlife biologist Tonya Chilton; local artist and teacher Feather; environmental educator Amy Montooth; Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks law enforcement game warden Bill Koppen; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services bear biologist Tom Radandt; and Bob Marshall Outfitter and wildlife educator Bill Terrill. Brown Bear Resources' very own Paul Rudd will be dressed as a grizzly bear. He and Tonya Chilton will present "life like" bear encounters that will teach the children how to avoid bear confrontations, as well as what to do in case they do encounter a bear. The students will also have the opportunity to see animal pelts from a grizzly bear, black bear, and a mountain lion. Other educational tools include a grizzly skull, wildlife photographs and slides, bear traps used for research, and Ivan - BBR's remotely operated decoy.

BBR is in its tenth year of providing this type of program. BBR is a 501 (c) (3) resource and research nonprofit corporation. Its programs work proactively to give humans an understanding and a respect for wildlife and the ecosystems in which we all live. It establishes programs and activities that inform people of their role in determining the survival of the grizzly. Its goal is not only securing grizzly bear populations, but also creating a sustainable environment for all wildlife and humans. Providing information to children is just one tool used to achieve this goal.


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